Signs of Autism in Adults

Signs of Autism in Adults

Signs of autism in adults are a little bit different from the autism symptoms in children. Most of the adults possess autism traits in their childhood. Most of the time these traits are not treated well in childhood, so these signs of autism are adults come from childhood to adulthood. These symptoms of autism in adults vary from person to person. So, we should be very conscious to know, what are the typical signs of autism in adults and how these signs can be observed? However, if you are not sure about the ASD symptoms in adults, then this article will provide you with all you need to know.

Signs of autism in adults can be seen among the people of all age and race because autism is a spectrum and the symptoms vary w.r.t the spectrum. The best and fastest way to recognise the autism symptoms in adults is through social, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviour. Most of the autism symptoms appear in childhood while others appear in adulthood.

A True Story About the Signs of Autism in Adults

Samantha Ranaghan tells her story about being diagnosed as an adult. She was diagnosed on April 30, 2013. She says, “Two weeks after my 34th birthday, I was told, you are on the spectrum”.   These four words made me sad and put me in so much trouble. She says, “All I know for sure is that I finally feel whole and as strange as this might sound, my life makes sense now.  I don’t feel out of place and awkward”. She says that she is a better person with the immense support and help of her family.

Source: Autism Speaks

Popular Signs of Autism in Adults

By considering the discussion mentioned above, the signs of autism in adults appear from;

  • Repetitive behaviour.
  • Focus on a few things.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Social Behavior.

The signs of autism in adults are diverse. We have found some common sign of autism in adults and if you think you are on autism, you may have some of these symptoms. The autism symptoms in adults are as follow;

Communication Difficulties

  • It is difficult for you to participate in the conversation.
  • There is a massive difference between your words and your feelings. You are using robotic speaking pattern.
  • You may not correctly know the other’s feeling, and you feel difficulty in relating other’s feeling.
  • While being on autism, you face difficulty in eye contact. You are not talking to someone while looking at his/her eyes.
  • You have a few favourite topics, and you love to debate on one or two topics every time.
  • You face a lot of difficulties while reading social cues. This is one of the prominent signs of autism in adults.
  • You can not judge people with perfection. You can not read their faces because you are unable to tell if someone is happy or unhappy with your comments.
  • You are social and have no or a few friends.
  • You are unable to change your tone. You possess the same tone in the office as well as at home.
  • You are a failed person in making friends and building a friendship. You ruin friendship on little conflicts.

Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Being autistic, you may possess the following emotional or behavioural traits.

  • You try to arrange things according to your likes and dislikes. You feel very sad and depressed when someone rearranges things, or something is not there.
  • You are flapping hands on a regular basis. This is a very common thing to observe in you if you have autism.
  • You face great difficulty in regulating your emotion and responses to them.
  • You have repetitive behaviour. You do things repeatedly.
  • The places where you should quit, you talk out loud.
  • You possess an in-depth knowledge of any topic or category where you like to talk.
  • You have a schedule that should be followed in any case.
  • It is always difficult for you to control your emotions when something unexpected happens.
  • You have no or little understanding of what is sexually appropriate.
  • You may possess other phobias and anxieties related to your symptoms.
  • People with autism usually don’t smile. You are not happy even on your birthday.
  • You are very creative in many fields such as art and music.
  • You don’t respond to people when they call you. It means you are busy in stuff to such extent as if you are deaf to others.
  • You avoid physical contact with someone.

Signs of Autism in Adults

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Repetitive Behaviors

  • Spinning your body or hand unknowingly.
  • You are flapping your hands.
  • Sometimes, you run back and forth.
  • You are conscious about the order. You touch things again and again to maintain the order.
  • You are staring at the tube lights or bulbs.
  • You are following an unvarying routine.
  • You are repeating the same phrase over and over.

Signs of Autism in Adults at Work

The autism symptoms in adults vary from person to person due to the many factors such as the severity of the condition. These are some signs of autism in adults at work.

  • You have less eye contact. Standing before the boss, you observe his shoes or desk instead of facing him.
  • You possess a unique approach to solve complicated and challenging things.
  • You are good at coding and math. You find innovative ideas to solve such problems.
  • There is no such difference between your talking style with your friends and co-workers.
  • You are very conscious of placing things in a specific pattern on your table.
  • You avoid meetings.
  • In the meeting, you cannot control involuntary voices and actions such as clearing the throat and flapping your hands.
  • You don’t ask your boss if he is happy or sad about your performance.

Signs of Autism in Adults

Signs of Autism in Adults at Home

If you think you have autism, then you must possess any of the following traits at home. These symptoms are easy to observe among the people having autism.

  • You think so deep to find your own words to describe anything. You don’t pick the exact words to show what you actually mean to say.
  • At home, you wish to have a good friend. You desire to have a faithful companion to share your ideas.
  • Your family thinks you are a genius. They call you a teacher or a professor sometimes.
  • You don’t compromise on the schedule. You have a strict and fixed schedule that you follow in any case.
  • You remain curious about little issues.
  • You want to work and play with yourself such as golf.

Signs of Autism in Adults

Final Note

We have mentioned all the key points related to the signs of autism in adults. These autism symptoms vary from person to person. However, these are some of the most common traits that people with autism shows. If you have any particular symptoms that you have in your adult, please share with us. It takes time and properly diagnoses and these autism symptoms to go away. We encourage any comment and feedback as it will be helpful for others to get something. Cheers


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