Famous People With Autism

Famous People With Autism

Famous people with autism have revolutionised the world with new theories and innovative ideas by their ingenious approach. Autism symptoms are obvious but sometimes they remain to hide, and it is challenging to know if someone has autism or not. Common symptoms of autism include abnormal tone of voice, social isolation, lack of eye contact or shyness, delay in learning, strange facial expressions, and self-abusive behavior. These symptoms were seen in some of the most famous and renowned people in the world. Many celebrities even confessed that they had autism spectrum disorder – ASD. Those people were matchless genuine and possessed unique talents but remained out of the scene.

The quote shows the power aspect of autism “It seems that for success in science or art a dash of autism is essential “

The signs of autism’s reach, and people interested in knowing the vulnerability of it is increasing. Where autism, on the one hand, is considered to be a neurotic disorder, it is creating marvels as well. Even if some people still see autism as a condition that demands every need to be treated, the fact that people diagnosed with autism spectrum are finding ways to succeed and show their hidden talents in our stigmatic society cannot be denied. Not only that, but autistic people are changing the nature of society in many ways as well.

A Whole Different View of the World

People on the spectrum are using the driving force of their self -stimulation ability to create alternative ways to express themselves in the field of business and cutting edge technologies. Autism has lead a helping hand and a significant role in crafting much of what we consider to be a modern foundation of culture. Starting from the books and music, to the devices we use, it all comes down to the point that the acceptance of radically different ways of thinking always turns out to be something unique, if given a chance to flourish. And this is the main spirit of autism. Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and many names mentioned above used this gift to create wonders.

The Ability to Change Others Perspective:

The uniqueness and the difficulties with which these people present is changing the people behavior as well. They are becoming much more tolerant and accepting about the people who are considered to be disabled or ill by our mainstreaming society. It is leading to form an empathetic society, not only towards autism but others as well. This is how people with autism help their loved ones and people around them in understanding the values that all people possess, regardless of their struggles and things which are bringing them down.

They see the world with a different lens; they know how they can bring colours and change to it. They teach us patience, something that this world is deprived of. They teach us the meaning of unconditional love. They teach us to imagine unimaginable things and things we laugh on like that certainly can’t happen, but they do. They make us see the world how they see it .with all its possibilities and life. To make us see this world without labels as we are in dire need of it. The beauty of their radical views and ideas is not only confined to this, but people on the autistic spectrum are also really self-stimulated about their work (even if it’s something so obscure). They are focusing on the minor details, resolving issues, and being completely proud of it. They are coming from a place of difficulties and still finding ways to create the beauty of it most artistically. This is the spirit of autism. They are playing their role to make this world a better place. Let us all create a better world for them to make them feel more safe and comfortable in.

Some Statistics

  • According to the National Autistic Society, over 700,000 people have ASD in the UK only.
  • According to another survey, one among 59 people has autism in the USA which is indeed a severe problem.

Autism is a severe and growing problem these days. This statistic is of just two countries. Imagine how many notable and famous people have autism. These are the Top 10 most famous people with autism. This list contains famous people with autism from the present and past as well.

Daryl Hannah

The name Daryl Hannah is one of the most famous Aspergers. She had the leading role in various movies like Wall Street Splash, Kill Bill, Blade Runner, and Steel Magnolias. Henna had to say goodbye to her carrier because of Asperger’s Syndrome. Daryl Hannah always wanted isolation. She never went to any talk shows.

According to Hannah “Going to Academy Award was so painful for me.” Only a few and close people knew about her autism. Hannah is on the top of our list of Top 10 most famous people with autism.

Famous People With Autism

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most genius peoples of the world. There are countless services in the field of physics. The most famous of them is Theory of Relativity which changed the whole physics. He was named as the Genius of the 20th century. In his early childhood, he was nonverbal and could not develop language until he was three years old.

According to BBC news, Einstein had signs of autism. He always wants to be alone that’s why he asked his children not to touch him.

Famous People With Autism

Dan Aykroyd

Dan was a famous actor and comedian. He had a troubled childhood when he was expelled from two schools. During an interview to Guardian, Dan said: “my very mild Asperger’s has helped me creatively.” He also revealed that he used to listen to the voices and implement on them. He was frank about his experience being autistic, so he confessed: “My autism helped me in my role for Ghostbusters.”

Famous People With Autism

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is a well-known standup comedian, actor, director and producer. Jerry is one of the funniest people as well and indeed a great entertainer. He stated himself to be autistic on many occasions. Jerry thinks he has asper’s syndrome although no doctor diagnosed him till now. On November 2014 he said, “I think on a very drawn-out scale, I think I am on autism.”  He further defends his statement by exposing his learning problems and social isolation from his childhood.

Famous People With Autism

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin was born on August 29, 1947, and is one of the first and most famous people with autism. She was among the top 100 influential people in the world. He services for autism awareness are worth admiring. With her immense knowledge and experience of autism, she is the best spokesperson for autism awareness around the world. According to sources, she did not begin speaking until she was four years old. She faced some difficulties but now this iron lady is the professor of animal science at Colorado State University, and she brought many revolutions to the livestock industry.

She says “Characteristics of autism can be modified or controlled.”

Famous People With Autism

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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is a prominent American poet and writer. She also had epilepsy along with autism, and according to medical professionals, autism and epilepsy are inter-related to each other. She led a simple life, never married and lived more separate life.  In her book, Emily revealed her experience about autism. She wrote unique and stunning poetry at that time.

Famous People With Autism

Susan Boyle

Back in 2009, Susan stunned the whole world by her musical and mesmerizing voice in Britain’s Got Talent. It was the charm of her voice that she sold about 14 million records around the world. Susan stated that she had autism and she always avoids social interaction. She had other symptoms of autism like, lack of eye contact, shyness, a sudden change in face expressions and being uncomfortable in public.

During an interview, she said, “Asperger doesn’t define me, and it is a condition where I have to live and work through.”

Famous People With Autism

Dan Harmon

Dan is a famous American writer, producer, and director. He is no doubt a multitalented and creative person. During an interview to Wired, he stated that he had autism signs in him. He discovered all the symptoms by himself, but later it was confirmed by doctors.

famous people with autism

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Heather Kuzmich

Heather was born on April 19, 1986. She is a famous American model and among famous people with autism as well. She is known for being America’s next top model. However, she did not win and stood at 5th place in this contest. She was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of 15. She had to come through some problem since then. Now Heather Kuzmich is the student of video games.

famous people with autism

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkin is on the last in this list of famous people with autism. This person does not require any introduction. He is the winner of the Academy Award for his role in The Silence of The Lambs. In an interview, he confessed that Asperger helped him in his part for this masterpiece. He further said, “I don’t go to the parties, I don’t have many friends, but I do like people.”

famous people with autism

Final Words 

These are the Famous People With Autism. They showed autism symptoms and most of these fabulous personalities confessed that they were on autism spectrum disorder. I have completely described by considering all the facts. Please share your views with others by letting us know in the comment section. Cheers!


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