Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD: Every field is advancing as we speak. The more we learn more about the field of science the more knowledge we have about a specific medical condition. One of the medical conditions that are spreading like wildfire across the globe is the Autism Spectrum Disorder which is commonly known as Autism.

Today we will be talking discussing the Autism Spectrum disorder that has affected thousands around us. Instead of talking about the definitions and explanations we will be looking at Autism with the help of some facts about autism spectrum disorder that the researchers have gathered from around the globe. So let us look at Autism in detail.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism disorder is a primary medical condition that is characterized by a wide range of symptoms such as challenges with social skills, higher or lower IQ level than average, repetitive behaviours, problems with nonverbal communication and speech.

The main reason for Autism is a combination of genetic and environmental factors and each affected by the disorder has certain strengthens and weakness that makes him or her special. If we talk about the prevalence of the disease here are the few facts that would describe it in a better way.

  • According to research carried out by the CBC 1 out of 59 kids have Autism. Research shows that boys as compared to girls are more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder.
    • 1 in 45 boys is affected by autism
    • 1 in 151 girls is affected by autism

These facts show that boys are four times more likely to be affected with autism as compared to girls. The ratio is quite high, so it would be better than you get your kid checked when he or she is born or reaches 2-3 years of age because that it is the age when autism strikes the most.

  • Autism can be detected as early as the age of two, but most of the kids around the globe are diagnosed with the disorder after the age of four.
  • If we break up the ratio of the kids affected with autism by intellectual ability then;
    • 31% of the children have an IQ less than 70. Thus they face intellectual disability
    • 25% of the kids have the IQ level between 71-85
    • Whereas the rest of the 44% of kids have an IQ above the average with is 85
  • All ethnic and socioeconomic groups are affected with autism, but it is clear that minority group as compared to the majority groups are less likely to be diagnosed with the disorder and they are most likely diagnosed with it later in life.
  • If the disorder is diagnosed earlier in life, then there are better chances of supporting the healthy development.
  • There is no way to detect autism through any medical devices or processes thus do not pay any doctor for it.

Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

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What causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?

The most common question asked by the parents regarding autism is the cause of the disorder. Doctors and scientist have no idea what causes the disease — the only thing that they are sure that it is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

The thing to remember here is that risk and cause is not the same thing. Some kids having the autism might not be affected with it. Similarly, individuals exposed to the environmental conditions that cause autism might not be affected by it, so it is uncertain what causes the disorder.

Check out some of the facts about autism spectrum disorder that would help you get a better understanding of the subject.

  • Most researches show that the majority of genetic factors causes ASD
  • Kids conceived by older parents have a high risk of suffering from autism
  • Autism tends to run in the family thus if the first child has autism then there is 2 to 18% chance of the second kid also being affected with autism
  • If we talk about twins then in the case of identical twins, if one is affected with the autism then there is 36 to 95% chance that the other will also be affected with it whereas in the case of non-identical twins the other has a 31% chance of getting affected.
  • Many believed that vaccinations could be the reason behind autism but research has shown that there is no link between autism and vaccinations thus autism isn’t caused by any of the vaccines given to the child.

Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

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What are the challenges faced by individuals who have Autism?

We know that individuals that suffer from autism face quite a lot of physical, emotional and communication challenges. Some of the challenges such as poor social skills and intellectual disabilities are used to characterize the disorder while there are other challenges as well that the kids with autism most probably face. Some of the facts about autism spectrum disorder in a sense of challenges are;

  • According to the research, about one-third of the individuals who have autism are non-verbal meaning that they lack the gift of speech.
  • In the case of intellectual disabilities, 31% of the individuals have an IQ less than 70 will is below average.
  • They face many challenges with the day to day activities due to the lower IQ level.
  • Many kids tend to be loners at school because of the lack of social skills
  • Most than half of the individuals affected with the disorder are in physical danger
  • Teen affected with autism suffer bullying at school
  • Almost 28% of the kids that suffer from the disease have shown self-injurious behaviours. The most common ones out of the all are skin scratching, arm biting, and headbanging.
  • Approximately 90% of the kids by the age of 14 die due to wandering and bolting.
  • Drowning is the most common cause of the death of kids diagnosed with autism.

Final Words 

in this article, I have fully discussed all the facts and figures for autism spectrum disorder. I hope this will give you an immense idea about the whole situation. This article contains a detailed analysis. Share your comments or suggestion so that I update this content based on the data you provide. 


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